Expand your capabilities beyond static testing.


The DRI ScanR, automated object measurement platform, takes accurate and repeatable radar measurements of objects in the field. It can be used for verification and calibration of surrogate targets and dummies, or for measurements of real objects to better understand their characteristics. The ScanR uses Differential-GPS (2 cm accuracy) and automatic steering to control and record the position and orientation of the sensor with respect to the object.

Key Features:



Target verification and calibration


Diverse Scenarios

Can be fitted with a variety of radar sensors as well as other sensor technologies such as LiDAR, or vision sensors


Simultaneous Measurements

Measures cars, trucks and other objects with multiple sensors


2 Types of Measurements

360-degree scans and approach from various viewing angles


Accurate Position Control

Uses DGPS/IMU and automatic steering


Additional Advantages

Portable, water resistant, and does NOT require an anechoic chamber or turn table

Standard Specifications:

  • Adjustable sensor height (0.22 to 0.96 m)
  • Automatic steering for path following
  • Software to guide operation
  • Touchscreen computer with optional external storage
  • Data analysis software
  • Rechargeable 12 volt battery
  • One (1) automotive-grade 77 GHz radar sensor
  • Configuration for Oxford Technical Solution (OxTS) DGPS/IMU RT and xNAV products (IMUs not included)
  • Calibration object with stand (10 dB-m2 trihedral)
  • Adaptable to customer-supplied sensors
Available Upgrades:

  • Integration with other DGPS/IMU systems
  • Additional sensors including LiDAR
  • Custom sensor height adjustments
  • Additional calibration objects such as spheres, dihedrals, etc.
  • Custom software and data analysis

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